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I’ve been in Philadelphia since thurs and I am having a blast. The drive out was long and tedious at times but any 5 hour drive will do that to you. Set up was a new experience. I’ve never been in or to a comic con before so this has been great. I am vending with friends
Of mine, Nikki and norm and they let me set our my crochet items to sell. So far I have been pleasantly surprised.
I’ve met a slew of different people and characters. Got totally and tragically hit on by a super dork… He asked to buy me lunch.
I’ve been too distracted to take pictures but plenty of people have been getting my picture, which kind of rocks 🙂
Journeyman leather is making a custom made leather corset for me and I may end up going to great lakes renn faire to work weekends for them for 6 weeks.
All in all, kind of the best week ever.


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I Made It! craft show

Today marked my (technically) second craft show ever. It ended up being me Nikki and Norm and I had a great time. Right off the bat, once we had the table mostle set up, one of the other vendors came over and bought the bag that I hated oh so much. It was a comissioned piece that never got paid for, so I was glad to see it go.

I got a lot of oohs and aahs. I realized that I had neglected to bring my business cards and their holder with me so I made a bunch of ghetto hand written ones and gave out about 35 of those. All in all, I made around $50 for the day, which is a huge jump from the 10 and 20 made at the other shows. So I took myself out to dinner and still have enough left over to buy important pills tomorrow, so I think I won for the day.

I’ll hopefully have a picture to post once the event runners put up pictures on myspace.

So I have to say that I had a very pleasant time of myself today. As always, learned a thing or two. Jessie came through with a coat rack so I had a wonderful display mechanism to work with. Still need to get some more different ways to display things. But that will come with time.

And until then, I have till december to make all sorts of new stuff to sell for the one on the 4th.  I feel accomplished 🙂

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