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So this week I’ve been going rather crazy with my crafting. I started like 4 projects and they’re all without patterns and more of the nature of “I make it up as I go along”. This is not a bad thing however. The things I have started working on:

A beaded crochet snood. For those not in the know, a snood is something women used to wear to hold their hair in place in renaissance times up until WWI or so. I’m not a history major so don’t hold me to that statement. But yeah, I’m attempting to make one out of black crochet thread and hot pink beads. It would be awesome if I get it right and can wear it to nero (my live action roleplaying game).

A boucle shrug. I started making this one on the purple knifty knitter loom. I’m using an awesome yarn from joanns in a light pink/light grey combo that Clint’s parents got me for Christmas 2 years ago. It’s light and warm and fluffy, and given the weather today I need to hurry up and finish it so I can wear it soon.

T-shirt quilt. Yep, I got the fusible interfacing for the thing finally but I haven’t done any ironing yet. It has kind of falled to the side and been replaced with piles of reading, paper writing, classes and work. I know that once I get into the groove it’ll go quickly but I haven’t gotten that far yet. It’s for a friend of mine so I need to get cracking on it soon. By December I want to have it completed.

Stamped cards. Yes, I got my hands on some stamps and ink and caught the stamping bug as well. So I’ve been working on those a lot from my collection. My goal is to make a few sets and sell them on my etsy site. So keep your eyes open for when I post some. 🙂

In unrelated news, I have grand plans for the evening. I’m going to, with the help of Candy, be putting blonde highlight/streaks into my hair. The goal of this is twofold. One, I want them to be nice-ish highlights that are relatively natural looking. I also want to get enough contrast in my hair because after this weekend I’m dyeing all of my hair a hot pink color. I want the highlights to be brighter pink. So there is a plan. We’ll see just how well it goes. 🙂


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