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March approacheth!

So this is going to be a boring blog because I don’t have pics of any new FO’s. I’m sick of the very old and very poor quality camera I have right now and will be getting a new one in the forseeable future. In the meantime I will just ramble for a bit.

I’m stage managing for Prime Stage’s production of Romeo and Juliet, which is performing at the end of April, so that will be taking up a significant amount of my time. I still have plenty of time for crafting though. I’m also working with the guys over at BenzidreamFX studios in the casting dept for the films they shoot. So far so good. I really need to get out of my food service wage job that I have, but I can’t give up the security of that weekly paycheck yet. I think most people have to battle that same issue and never follow their dreams or desires because of the promise of easy and consistent income… If I didn’t have too-little in my savings account and monthly school loan repayments I would be fully self-employed right now.

Hopefully in 6 months I will be able to re-visit this blog and have money flowing in freely from all of the shows that I’m working on and not from the Olive Garden… I’m allowed to be a dreamer :p

In crafting news: I finished not only the Dr.Who scarf (and gave it away before I took finalized pics of course) but I also started and finished my first pair of simple knitted socks! I also just put the fabric lining into the acorn bag I crocheted forever ago and I’m giving that to its owner tomorrow (likely without taking pics first). I will make sure to get follow up pics of the items in action with their new people.

Now that I’ve finished a small but impressive pile of projects I wanted to move onto the next one, but uh oh, what to make next?? I’ve been hunting more and more knitting patterns since I’m comfortable with it. I decided to go with the best of both world and I started a knitting and a crochet project. Both are going to be thigh high when completed. One is a pair of crocheted fishnet stockings, based off of this blog pattern. The other is a pair of light ww striped thigh high socks, perfect for renn faire season, here.

Both are excellent patterns. The crochet fishnets are flying right along because there’s barely anything to them, which is awesome. The knitted thigh highs are barely into the ribbing. I’m always paranoid that my knitting items wont come out the proper size, and yes I’m guilty of not doing a test swatch so it’s my own fault if they’re goofy. They’re also knitted on 5dpn’s instead of 4 so that extra needle in the mix is throwing me a bit. Getting them started is always the hard part and I’m close to the point where I can just knit and go and aside from some minor shaping, shouldn’t be too challenging. Just time consuming I think.

Every time I look at my yarn collection I’m filled with a sense of disappointment. Only because, for years, I have been telling myself that I will stop buying new yarn until the stuff that I have has been used up and sold or given away. I’ve been crocheting for 7 years now and knitting for less than one and I only ever end up with more and more yarn. I’ve tried various methods of storage and ways of encouraging myself to use it more and make projects go faster. But invariably every time I start a new project I never have quite the right color, or the right yarn weight and have to go out to the store ANYWAY to get the yarn I really need. So all the wonderful worsted red heart just sits and sits. And the cones of cotton, and the fancy eyelash yarns, and so on. Everything that just calls out to be something, just not sure what. I can never match a pattern to a yarn I have and want to use. I’m ranting… about yarn… There are starving kids in the world and I’m complaining about yarn. I would knit them hats but it’s friggin hot just about anywhere that is rather poor and underdeveloped.

I think I’m going to hide all of my yarn away from myself while I’m not using it, and then when I begin new projects I will dive into my secret hiding places and pick out the stuff I need, and not buy any more. That way my bedroom, where I keep all of my yarn in hanging sweater organizers on a clothing rack, will not look like a deranged cat lady lives here.


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So this week I’ve been going rather crazy with my crafting. I started like 4 projects and they’re all without patterns and more of the nature of “I make it up as I go along”. This is not a bad thing however. The things I have started working on:

A beaded crochet snood. For those not in the know, a snood is something women used to wear to hold their hair in place in renaissance times up until WWI or so. I’m not a history major so don’t hold me to that statement. But yeah, I’m attempting to make one out of black crochet thread and hot pink beads. It would be awesome if I get it right and can wear it to nero (my live action roleplaying game).

A boucle shrug. I started making this one on the purple knifty knitter loom. I’m using an awesome yarn from joanns in a light pink/light grey combo that Clint’s parents got me for Christmas 2 years ago. It’s light and warm and fluffy, and given the weather today I need to hurry up and finish it so I can wear it soon.

T-shirt quilt. Yep, I got the fusible interfacing for the thing finally but I haven’t done any ironing yet. It has kind of falled to the side and been replaced with piles of reading, paper writing, classes and work. I know that once I get into the groove it’ll go quickly but I haven’t gotten that far yet. It’s for a friend of mine so I need to get cracking on it soon. By December I want to have it completed.

Stamped cards. Yes, I got my hands on some stamps and ink and caught the stamping bug as well. So I’ve been working on those a lot from my collection. My goal is to make a few sets and sell them on my etsy site. So keep your eyes open for when I post some. 🙂

In unrelated news, I have grand plans for the evening. I’m going to, with the help of Candy, be putting blonde highlight/streaks into my hair. The goal of this is twofold. One, I want them to be nice-ish highlights that are relatively natural looking. I also want to get enough contrast in my hair because after this weekend I’m dyeing all of my hair a hot pink color. I want the highlights to be brighter pink. So there is a plan. We’ll see just how well it goes. 🙂

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So, I have been neglecting my crochet duties as of late. Finals are coming up and it’s about that time when I’ll have to move out of the dorm and to wherever I decide to live for the summer. As a result, I’ve already taken a majority of my yarn and crafty bits home. And the fiancee has our digi camera so I can’t even take pictures of the awesome eco friendly bag that I have in the works.

Catching up with my personal life, I’ve been assistant stage managing for one of pitt’s mainstage shows Big Love and it’s been an absolute blast. I got tossed in as a replacement at the beginning of tech and it’s been a great ride. I’ve also been looking for summer theatre work. I got in contact with south park theatre looking for a carpentry position and ended up being offered a stage management spot instead. I haven’t given the yes or no but I’m going out on the 19th to take a look at the theatre and meet some of the people there. I keep hearing good things. The pay is meager and I’ll need a job on the side but I can live with that. My goal is to make contacts locally so I can have a career locally.

Things are going fairly well I think, I’m looking forward to having jobs in theatre. I had the greatest class and professor this semester. It was one of those situations that makes you go “Yeah! I can do this!” It’s been an absolute blast for me and was just the thing I needed to make me feel like I can actually support myself with the theatre. I mean, I’m surrounded by people who do it every day, I know I’m capable of doing it too.

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My crochet projects currently half done have been keeping my window sill drafts at bay, well mostly. So I broke out the ole sewing machine today and got some work done.

I’ve had at least 5 tote bag patterns cut out and ready to go for, I don’t want to remember how long. Last spring semester at least. Problem is that I never have strapping or material to make straps out of. Well, I had some finally and whipped together this bag in about an hour or so.

purple tote

The pattern is super simple and the bag ends up being large enough (and more than strong enough) to hold a 3-5 inch 3 ring binder. The one pictured is my crochet pattern binder, so lord knows how heavy that thing is.

I made the lining out of a lightweight black canvas, since the outside is pretty thin and has a lot of give. The straps are just plain black strapping. And I did flat felled seams on all the edges since I was too lazy to sew the outside, then the lining and then put everything together.

It was a quick and nasty one, and my machine had some tension issues, so not all the stitching is textbook. Hopefully i’ll be able to sell this one in the $5 range at the next craft fair I go to. I should start putting my stuff back up on etsy but I’m so damn cheap, I don’t want to have to pay the 20 cents per item, especially when they don’t sell…ever.


As far as crochet news is concerned, I’ve embarked on a fabulous hooded scarf crochet pattern from my ‘crochet-a-day’ calendar I got over the holidays.  The pattern calls for that type of yarn that reminds me of terrycloth, but I decided to do it in plain old worsted since that’s what I had the most of.

Here is the hood all done and awaiting the scarf to be finished and attached.

hooded scarf hood

I love love love the color combination and can’t wait to finish the scarf (which I decided to do in double crochet for the sake of moving things along a bit faster) and either end of the scarf has nice fluffy purple accent sections. I’ll post more pictures and the pattern when I’m finished.

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Well, Nikki and I didn’t manage to make it on the cool kids list for the valnetines day I Made It market. But I think I’m ok with that, not sure why. Goves me good reason to start looking around hardcore for other local stuff. Maybe try having an on campus crafty thing (I know they’ve happened before, just don’t remember who did them and if it’ll happen again) Like, I wonder what would happen if I set up in towers lobby and tried to sell my wares….

Curiosities aside, I broke out the knifty knitter tonight. Clint and I were in spencers the other day and were looking through the clearance christmas stuff. In the pile was an adorable knitted hat with two tips and poof balls. I remembered how easy it is to make a knitted tube and just sew the ends straight across to finish and end up with something like a kitty ear hat. Super cute, etc.

So I decided to start thinning out the yarn collection a big and make a bunch of things, preferrably hats of the cute (yet manly) variety. So far, all I got is this…


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Being a college theatre major is much more difficult then most people assume. We are second highest as far as outside course work is concerned for any major in any pitt major. The highest extra course work hours are for nursing… So that being said, the end of my fall semester was stress and hectic and I still tried to get crafty bits done.

Once winter break hit however, I packed up my clothes and headed home. Left the crochet hooks, left the yarn, left it all here in the dorm. And instead I took the sewing machine with me. Now, this poor machine has been with me since I was a wee 15 year old lass, given to me by my aunt. And I take it to school with the best of intentions, and it just collects dust while I crochet away across the room. So I took it home and made myself an outfit… 🙂

nero outfit

The scary boy next to me is my fiancee, Clinton. My outfit consisted of sewing fur pant extentions onto the white capris, wrist fur accessories,  loin cloth and I’m most proud of the fur trimmed mantle/hood. I put all of that together in about a day and I think I’m still picking fur out of things, even though I made it right after christmas.

Since coming back to school, I’ve kind of gone into craft overdrive in my beginning of the semester free time. I made a duplicate of the pumpkin pie hat that I had an earlier post about. Same colors, same pattern.

Next, I adapted an eco friendly grocery bag pattern. I made it a bit smaller since I didn’t have much yarn to work with. And it was this oh so wonderful super stiff, plastic-y bright red yarn, and made a sturdy market bag to sell someday.

red bag

And now I’m in the middle of making a different pattern beanie then my traditional one. I can’t find the pattern anymore for the life of me online, but I was smart enough to print it, and soo will have pictures and patterns up for that.

On a side note, Nikki and I have been chatting a lot more lately. She has a craft room that is overstuffed with fabric and notions, etc. and also a fairly large walk in closet. She has grand aspirations for said closet and is trying to figure out how to clear out all of the various crafty junk that is in it. My brilliant plan was for us to make a crafty pact. Make one small project a day, start and finish and then just stockpile those for the next craft show we go to. I think it’s a good idea. I have 2 totes plus full of yarn that I just kind of look at, shake my head, and shut the lid on. But if I make myself make things, then it’ll all go away someday.

If anyone has suggestions on good crochet and sewing projects to help clear out lots of material in a hurry, let me know. Otherwise I’m gonna have a hell of a lot of beanies and bags…..

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Nikki and I will be heading over to the SouthSide this saturday for another craft fair! It’s gonna be some good times.  I have new stock as usual, sorry no patterns lately. Finals have been kicking my butt, but it’ll all be over soon.

more to come later

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