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Hello dear readers,

I’m not going to pretend like I have any semblance of a regular reader-base but I feel like flattering myself today. In the past month I’ve had a surge in craftiness, mostly knitting endeavors. I’m still working on Dr.Who scarf, which is now taller than me and over halfway done. I’m super excited about that, but that one has been in a pile for a week and a half and not touched because I’ve been distracted by newer and shinier things.

I'm 5'6" for a height comparison 🙂

I started working on a really basic ‘Mark scarf’ like the one worn by mark in RENT, for my friend Justin. It seems however, that the curse for knitted sweaters also goes for scarves. The second I started making him a knitted item, he vanishes into thin air and barely chats anymore. (story behind this one is that he lives 2 hours away, so in reality unless one of us moves it wont go beyond friends that occasioanlly visit and do each other)… But yeah, so I’ve been trying to copy the simple garter stitch of the original, only in a nice chunky acrylic yarn and i’m getting curl like no other, despite the garter stitch edging on either side at the end of each row… he says he doesnt mind regardless, but whats the point of the edging if it doesnt make a difference anyway. One of these days I will figure out what I am doing wrong… not today though.

curling sides are killing me, cuts the width in half

The highlight of my day, however, has been the near completion of a project that I started back in like 2007… a t-shirt/memory quilt for a girlfriend of mine. We had classes and tutored together at the time, I had my machine in my dorm so of course I agreed to take on the project… 3 years later I just started and completed the very simple stitch in the ditch quilting this evening. The reason it took me so long is that I have a very simple beginner sewing machine and despite owning it for years upon years, still dont know how to work it properly all the time. Once I started getting feed and bunching issues I refused to touch it because I didnt want to destroy t-shirts of a good friend that were meant to be nicely preserved forever. Now in 2010, enter the walking foot sewing machine attachment… I HAD NO IDEA THESE THINGS EXISTED!!! It saved my confidence and the quilt, and my machine from being thrown away for a new one. It’s a really super simple quilt, but it’s warm and snuggly (used quilters flannel for the backing) and I think it will be absolutely perfect for her in the end.

All that is left is the binding

Aside from that puppy, I’m getting together with my girlfriend Kat tomorrow to learn how to knit socks on dpn’s and I’m super excited. Knitting is as addictive as everyone said it is, and not nearly as hard as I first thought it to be 🙂 My poor crochet feels neglected and abandoned I fear…


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my dr who scarf oct 13, 2009

my dr who scarf oct 13, 2009

So… I met a boy. Well really, he’s a man. But what man isn’t secretly a boy inside? He asked me if I could knit and at the time I mentioned that I’d done a few sample swatches but never actually completed any of my projects. He encouraged me to start a project for him because he’d wanted one for a really long time: the scarf from the old bbc show Dr.Who…

I’ve been working off and on with it for a few weeks now and it’s beginning to shape up nicely. I decided to go with a worsted weight yarn because I can’t stand dk weight for super tedious projects. I’m using vanna’s choice yarn, which is super easy to knit and has a wonderful soft feel. I’ve been working on size 6 needles.

Now, keep in mind that this is my first knitting project… ever. And I hate to say that I’m catching on. I have my tension fairly uniform, technique is lacking a bit but I can cruise along better than before. I think with some spare yarn I’m going to practice the continental technique, which is holding the feed yarn in the left hand. It seems efficient in ways similar to how I crochet, but so far my attempts have just been awkward and I go back to English style after a stitch or two.

I’m going to be getting myself a pair of circular knitting needles next so I can give hats a shot. I don’t even want to think about dpn’s because they just look scary and are dropped stitches waiting to happen in my world…

In other crochet related news, I have a lot of projects in the queue as usual. I’ve been working on a 9-pointed star blanket in a verigated blue boucle.

this stupid picture...

this stupid picture...

I’ve also been commissioned to crochet an acorn tote bag -of sorts- for a girlfriend of mine that I LARP with. She is playing a squirrel scavenger and has throwing acorns for weapons, and of course needs an awesome carrying bag for them that is shaped like an acorn. I think it’s a pretty awesome idea. She found a picture of a bag on etsy which she sent me a link to: squirrel and acorn bag. I’m making my much bigger version without a pattern, but have been following some simple principles.

squirrelley wrath

squirrelley wrath

Worked from stem to opening, start with dkbrown color and work 8sc into a ring. Work even around in spirals until the stem is about 1.5inches long. Then you begin to work the cap of the acorn. 2hdc in each st around, making sure to join rounds as you go and not in spirals. Then continue working around in the traditional circle crochet method, increasing as you go. I did this around for 14/15 rows and then worked 5 rows even around. Then I added the neat little ruffle detail at the edge of the cap of the acorn by doing clusters of 7hdc every 2st in the front loop only. I then attached my cclight brown and worked an even row of sc the whole way around to attach to the cap. Word hdc even around, joining rounds until the bag is almost as tall as you want it.

Then I plan on doing a few dec rows to narrow the top hole to about 9in and finishing it off with a strap on either side like a messenger bag. it’s really simple and a fun festive fall project. I also plan on doing a lining for the bag so it won’t stretch and warp over time. LARPing is hard on handmade items…

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I’ve been in Philadelphia since thurs and I am having a blast. The drive out was long and tedious at times but any 5 hour drive will do that to you. Set up was a new experience. I’ve never been in or to a comic con before so this has been great. I am vending with friends
Of mine, Nikki and norm and they let me set our my crochet items to sell. So far I have been pleasantly surprised.
I’ve met a slew of different people and characters. Got totally and tragically hit on by a super dork… He asked to buy me lunch.
I’ve been too distracted to take pictures but plenty of people have been getting my picture, which kind of rocks 🙂
Journeyman leather is making a custom made leather corset for me and I may end up going to great lakes renn faire to work weekends for them for 6 weeks.
All in all, kind of the best week ever.

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So I went to Schenley plaza today for the I made It crafty market and had a grand old time. Sat next to some cool chicks, sold a good amount of stuff. I still have LOTS left over however. Thank heaven there is another one next Sunday! I’m going to try and make that one, but the renaissance festival might interfere with those plans. Next weekend is the final weekend and I can’t miss that. One of the girls I went to school with is in a gypsy troupe there.

But the craft fair was fun. I forgot a hat/umbrella/shade tent so I’m burnt all over. My table looked cute however…

9-21-08 crafty table

And my table at the end of the day…

It’s not a huge dent but it’s a dent and that makes me very happy. And now I have the overwhelming desire to get back into the swing of churning out tons of stuff to take and post on etsy / sell at craft shows.

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Well, where to start. Summer was a blast. it was also a time of relative dark ages i.e. no internet.

So welcome back to my active crafty blog, which I will be updating! I’m in a new apartment that has just enough space for me to work around in it. Very exciting!

I’ve been working on a t-shirt quilt for a girlfriend of mine. I’ve got all the shirts cut, now I need to win my battle with interfacing, buy an iron and ironing board, buy the sashing and backing, cut it all out, sew it all together, quilt it and then sew the edging. Simple, right? 🙂 But in the end it’ll be gorgeous and I won’t rush my work just to turn out a piece of crap.

In crochet news, I adapted my water bottle holder pattern to include a little accessory pocket.  

I’ve also been assembling some blue and gold granny squares into a baby sized blanket. They were passed along to me by the MIL, her best friend had made them and passed on before she turned them into anything. I may just make a wall hanging out of it and give it to her as a christmas present. I’m not sure if that would be terribly moving or just terrible. I’ll have to play it by ear. I’ve been joining the squares with the crochet method and just single crocheting around all the squares to join them. It makes for a really neat and bodily piece.

On sunday September 21 I’ll be vending in Schenley plaza for the I made It flea market, ice cream something or other. I’ve been a vendor with these guys before. I usually don’t turn a huge profit but it always ends up being a nice time. It runs from noon to 3 or 5 I believe. I figure it’s right down the block from me and I have an entire stack of crochet and sewn projects just dying to make me a little cash on the side.

I’m also taking over the crochet hat and scarves fundraiser for Pitt’s undergrad group Buscare. So I’ll be teaching interested folk how to crochet and organizing setup for outside of pitt’s theatre department shows to raise money for the group.

So here’s to getting back into the swing of things and many many pictures and excitement to come!

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Edit: I don’t want to mislead anyone that reads this posting. Our efforts failed terribly… Since the first effort, only the two of us were actually there and neither one of us has found the time to schedule a meeting, make flyers, update the yahoo group etc. So… yeah… we suck. But get in contact with me if you’re someone from the Pittsburgh area looking to talk craftiness, yarn swap, etc.


I know, two posts in one day. But I wanted to make sure these were separate so nobody would get confused and no info would get lost. My girlfriend Kat and I were voicing our disappointment that Pittsburgh doesn’t really have a whole lot of knitting and crochet groups. None that we could find at least.

So we decided to make our own!

Right now, the plan stands that we want to meet about once a month on a wednesday night. Just to get together, see what kind of people come out and plan accordingly from there.

Our first meeting is scheduled to be on Feb 13. We don’t have a time set right now, but will soon. And the location will be in the commons room of the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland. We’ll be flyering soon and please please please get in contact with me if you have even the slightest interest!!

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